1981-84 – MFA, University of British Columbia, Department of Fine Arts 
1977-81 – BFA (Honours), University of Manitoba, School of Art
1974-76 – BA (Major in Political Science), University of Manitoba, Faculty of Arts
1973 – Sydney University, Australia, Faculty of Arts
1971 – University of Manitoba, Faculty of Art

Solo Exhibitions

a modicum of sensibility, Diaz Contemporary, Toronto, ON
Second Date, Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite, Vancouver, BC
Outside in, Diaz Contemporary, Toronto, ON
Nonetheless, Cooley Art Gallery, Reed College, Portland, Oregon
Diaz Contemporary, Toronto, ON
Nonetheless, Charles H Scott Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Bluff, Contemporary Art Gallery windows, Vancouver, BC
Doubt, Artspeak, Vancouver, BC
Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, AB
YYZ Gallery, Toronto, ON
Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
MacPherson Gallery, University of Victoria, Victoria BC
Wall Sculpture, Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Selected Group Exhibitions

Goodbye Charles, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Through a Window: Visual Art and SFU 1965 – 2015, Audain Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Out of Sight, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
Every Evasion, Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Some Woolly Buzz, Publication Studio, Vancouver, BC
Expo Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Silent as Glue, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, AB
Silent as Glue, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, BC
Haptic, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Everything Everyday, Vancouver, BC
SLOW: Relations + Practices, Centre A: Vancouver BC
Silent as Glue, Oakville Art Gallery, Oakville, ON
Blanket Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Enacting Abstraction, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Abstraction, Diaz Contemporary, Toronto, ON
Not Sheep: New Urban Enclosures and Commons, Artspeak, Vancouver, BC
NADiff, Tokyo, Japan
architypes, Canadian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan
Hang ups, MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax, NS
Work Work Work, MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax, NS
architypes, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, Australia
architypes, Charles H Scott Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Drawing on Architecture, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver,BC
Glyptomania, Bartlett Exhibition and Performance Space, Vancouver, BC
weak thought, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Perspective, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Vancouver Perspective, Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
Contingent: Eva Hesse, Elspeth Pratt, Martha Townsend, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, SK


2014 – Mayor’s Arts Award for Visual Art
2009 – British Columbia Project Assistance Grant (1992, 1999, 2004, 2006)
2002 – Canada Council Creation / Production Grant (1987, 1995, 1997, 2001)
1996 – Canada Council Travel Grant (1991)
1993 – VIVA Foundation Award
1992 – Canada Council Short-Term Grant
1983 – Summer University Graduate Fellowship, University of British Columbia
1982-83 – British Columbia Cultural Fund Scholarship

Exhibition Reviews

Gary Michael Dault, Rev. of Diaz Contemporary, The Globe and Mail, Sat 18 October 2008
Allyson Clay, Elspeth Pratt on Anti-Sculpture and Destabilization, Pyramid Power, Vol. 1, Issue. 5, Fall 2008 
Robin Laurence, Rev. of Nonetheless, Border Crossing, Issue 106, June 2008
Robin Laurence, Building outside the rules, The Georgia Straight, 42 February 2008
Robin Laurence, Rev. of Drawing on Architecture, The Georgia Straight, 25 September 2003
Christopher Brayshaw, Rev. of Glyptomania, The Georgia Straight, 15 August 2002
Robin Laurence, Rev. of Doubt, Canadian Art 19, No. 2, (2002)
Robin Laurence, Rev. of Doubt, The Georgia Straight, 28 February 2002
Sarah Milroy, Rev. of weak thought, The Globe and Mail, 16 January 1999
Angela Jeffs, Rev. of Vancouver Perspective, The Japan Times, 10 November 1996 
Greg Beatty, Rev. of Contingent, Espace, Summer 1996
David Wagner, Rev. of Southern Alberta Art Gallery Exhibition, The Lethbridge Herald, 15 November 1992 
Isabel Vincent, Rev. of 3rd Invitational, Cold City Art Gallery, The Globe and Mail, 4 August 1989
Mario Cappelletti, Rev. of Architettura: Astrazione, Proposte, 19 January 1989
Enrico Gallian, Rev. of Architettura: Astrazione, l’Unita, 27 December 1988
Robert Linsley, Rev. of Contemporary Art Gallery Exhibition, Vanguard 15, No. 1 (1986) 
Greg Snider, Rev. of Wall Sculpture, Vanguard 13, No. 4 (1984)

Books and Catalogues

Danielle Krysa, A Big Important Art Book (Now with Women): Profiles of Unstoppable Female Artists, Paper over Board, 2018
Goodby Charles, Charles H Scott Gallery and Publication Studio, 2017
Elspeth Pratt, monograph, Emily Carr University Press, Charles H Scott and Cooley Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2011
For Elspeth Pratt, Stephanie Snyder & Matthew Stadler, Publication Studio, Portland, Oregon, 2011 
Second Date, offsite, Vancouver Art Gallery, 2011
Haptic: Tegan Moore, Elspeth Pratt, Lorna Brown, Publication Studio, 2010
Silent As Glue, Exhibition Catalogue, Oakville Galleries, Oakville, ON, 2010 
hang-ups, Exhibition Catalogue, MSVU art gallery, Halifax, Canada, 2004
Work Work Work, Exhibition Catalogue, MSVU art gallery, Halifax, Canada, 2004 
architypes, Exhibition Catalogue, Vancouver, 2004 and Sydney, Australia, 2004
Lisa Robertson, Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture, ClearCut Press, 2003
Doubt & the history of scaffolding – The Office for Soft Architecture, Artspeak, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2002
weak thought, Exhibition Catalogue, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2000
Vancouver Perspective, Exhibition Catalogue, Yokohama, Japan, 1996 and Taipei, Taiwan, 1997
Ingrid Jenkner, Contingent, Exhibition Catalogue, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1996 
Artropolis, Exhibition Catalogue, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1993
Barbara Burkhardt, Exhibition Essay, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta, 1992 
Standard Stoppages, Exhibition Catalogue, Cathedral Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1992 
Ingrid Jenkner and Greg Bellerby, Material Remains, Exhibition Catalogue, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. and McDonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ontario, 1990
Robert Linsley, Architettura: Astrazione, Exhibition Catalogue Sala 1, Rome, Italy, 1988
Artropolis, Exhibition Catalogue, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1987
Helga Pakasaar and Keith Wallace, Broken Muse, Exhibition Catalogue, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1986
Nicholas Tuele and Liane Davidson, Art in Victoria 1960-1986, Exhibition Catalogue, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, 1986
October Show, Exhibition Catalogue, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1983

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